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Fit In 5 Experience Vol. 2 | FN5_v2
$99.00 for 10 years
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More Workouts, More Advanced, More Bells...
This is Volume 2 of my original Kettlebells Exclusive "Fit In Five Program" - My #1 Selling program in the past year!
I designed this program to truly be done anywhere. In 2020 when the pandemic hit, I wanted to be able to provide anyone with a killer workout using just a single kettlebell that could be lifted over their head.
It’s also no coincidence that all the people I trained in my life, at some point, would ask the question, “what can I do with a 1 kettlebell?” 
So not only am I going to consider this "the universal” training program since it can literally be done anywhere, but I am also going to put my stamp on the fact that it is going to make you look damn good while doing it.
These are not your average Health Magazine and Social Media kettlebell workouts. These are legit hard workouts for people who want to get it in, and be done for the day. People who have limited time, but are also above that “fluff” that’s floating around the internet world.
No matter where you train, as long as you have a kettlebell that you can press overhead, this program gives you the blueprint to always get an incredible workout in, without spending a bunch of time doing it.
The workouts are progressive, yet varied and (most importantly) FUN! Get ready to work and the results will speak for themselves. You’re welcome!
(This is 5 full weeks of workouts, with a 3 days on / 1 day off schedule)
*All sales are final. No refunds or returns. Membership is non transferrable. Program is delivered as a digital asset.
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