Class Schedule

Here is a complete list of our current sessions.

Since our sessions do fill up, we require you to please register for classes so your spot isn’t taken. The easiest way to reserve your session time is to download the Zen Planner Mobile App.

We’ve Got You Covered

First-Timer Tips.

Get ready to work up a sweat, have fun, and crush your fitness goals.

Book in Advance.

You’ll be able to book sessions two weeks out. Use the Zen Planner Mobile App or book online. Our friendly front desk staff can answer all of your questions!

Arrive On Time

Before your first class, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your class start time so we can get you checked in and show you around the studio. For the safety of our clients, we do not permit late arrivals to enter classes once they begin.


Our workout is a combination of kettlebells, cardio machines, bodyweight training and other cool toys, so be sure to wear sneakers and comfortable athletic clothes. Don’t forget to hydrate! We have a filling station so bring your bottle.


Don’t worry if the movements are new to you! Our coaches are credentialed and caring. They will teach you to move safely and challenge you to get the most of out your workout. They provide personalized attention and movement modifications to ensure you’re doing what’s right for your body without risk of injury.


Be sure to come with an open mind and a positive attitude. Get ready to be challenged and have some fun along the way!



The Workout

What is a class like?

Our 45-minute classes promises five elements to deliver the results you want. Each of our classes combines functional movements, high-intensity intervals, strength training, varied exercises, and a total-body focus to promise you a workout that’s a step above the rest.

Are there classes for different experience levels?

Whether you’re new to fitness, already an expert, pre/post-natal, or recovering from an injury, our workouts can be modified to fit your personal needs. We have members in class that have been with us for years, which allows our coaches to give you more personal attention since they usually already know what they are doing. Everyone is safe, challenged, successful, and happy. If you’re ready to take things to the next level, book your discovery session today!

How old must I be to take a class?

To be eligible for class, you must be 18 years or older.

How will I know which kettlebells are right for me?

Don’t be nervous! Our coaches are here to guide you, answer questions, and ensure you’re moving safely and effectively. This is a chance to challenge yourself and allow us to safely push you out of your comfort zone.

Booking Your Sessions

Do I need to create an account?

Yes, it’s easy. Create an account here before you come to class so you can focus on your getting started with your workout rather than boring paperwork.

Are there any special offers for first-timers?

Sure Thing! First time clients can start with a current special we may be running. Email or Call us to find out what are current promotions are.

When do classes open up for booking?

Our schedule is open to you to book up to 2 weeks out. Registration is first come, first served until classes are full.

What is the cancellation policy?

There is no charge to your account if you cancel a class reservation.

How does the waitlist work?

If you are unable to get in a class because it’s booked, you can join the waitlist. If a spot opens up in class, you may be automatically enrolled in class up and will receive a text message and email.

Can I switch the time of my class?

We do offer the option of swapping classes. If you are scheduled for one class and then have to change for some reason, you can do so.

I’m getting married! Is there a special package to help me get Wedding Bells Ready!?

We offer specially priced packages for brides, grooms, and the wedding party. For pricing and more information, email

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! You can purchase a gift card online or by calling or emailing.


How early should I arrive before class?

If it’s your first time, please arrive 10 minutes early to get acquainted with our studio. Otherwise, please arrive at least 5 minutes before every class. If you are running late, please do not participate if more than 3 minutes late. We do not permit late arrivals to enter classes once they begin.

Something came up. How do I cancel class?

To cancel a class, log into your Zen Planner app and hit cancel.

What is the cancellation policy?

There is no charge to your account if you cancel a class reservation however, if this starts to be a trend we may charge a cancellation fee per incidence for any late cancellation or no show.

What should I wear to class?

We recommend comfortable athletic clothes and sneakers with flat souls, as our classes offer a combination of kettlebell, cardio machines, and bodyweight training.

Do you have lockers?

We have cubbies located inside the studio. We are not responsible for lost or missing personal items.


Do the studios have showers?

No, we have 2 changing rooms and 2 restrooms, but no showers.


Do you offer shakes or bars to purchase after my workout?

Yes, we offer individual packaged protein powder by Ascent Protein, Built Bars in a variety of flavors , and FitAid Recovery Drink to help you recover from your workouts. Along with other retail products and supplements. 

How many days a week should I take class?

Our highly varied programming guarantees that no two classes will ever be the same. You will always get a full-body, calorie-torching workout. This means you can take class multiple days in a row. Make PK your only workout, or let it be the perfect complement to your usual routine. With that said, no one knows your body like you do. Recovery is an important part of any fitness routine and you should always listen to your body.


How long should I wait between workouts?

Starting off, typically, you should have 24 -36 hours between training sessions at PK. However, life sometimes throws us a curveball, and we have to workout on back to back days. If you are just getting back to working out, then we recommend 3 days of training each week. A typical schedule looks like Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. However, you can do back to back days of training as long as you don’t do more than two consecutive days. So, if you have to do Monday/Tuesday/Thursday for your workouts, that is acceptable.

You can still be active on your off days from the PK by taking a 30 minute walk or doing something that you enjoy and you consider active. Playing with your kids, hiking, pickup basketball, dance etc., are all good ways to stay active on off days.

As you get further into your training experience, you may find that you are able to recover faster and increase the number of days you are training to 4-5 per week. However, there will be times where you should “de-load” or take a period of time to lower your number of training days to 2-3 for a week or two to allow your body to recover.

Ideally, an advanced trainee will do 3-5 workouts each week for optimal results. Since classes at PK are always different, the balance allows for recovery while still providing you with enough stress to get the results you want.